Iris Aromatic Candles in Diya Shape (Set of 5)

<ul><li>Iris introduces Aromatic Diya Candles that have the Purest of wax and have an exotic blend of </li><li>essential oils to give your Homes a Blissful and tranquil experience. All brought together to create </li><li>the most exquisite handcrafted aroma candles, which are smokeless and dripless. </li><li>These Diyas with intoxicating fragrance will surely entice your mind and uplift the soul to give you an enriching experience. </li><li>Pure Wax Diya Candles. </li><li>This has an Exotic Blend of Essential Oils. </li><li>These are Smokeless and Drip less candles. </li><li>Assorted Fragrances.</li></ul>