Vinod Kraft Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker

<ul><li>Save time and enery. </li><li>Beautiful sleek design. </li><li>Hard Anodised Cooker. </li><li>Cooking can be fancy too! </li><li>Non-toxic and heat resistant. </li><li>It resists abrasion and corrosion. </li><li>You can Steam fresh vegetables. </li><li>Acidic food will never corode the cooker. </li><li>Health cooking - Seals in the nutrients of your food. </li><li>Ideal heat resistant handle,fits the curve of your palm. </li><li>Hard anodised prevents the surface from chipping or peeling. </li><li>Make delicious Soup and Sauces or Savoury rice and Dal Dishes in minutes. </li><li>The hard anodised material makes the cooker chemically stable,so it does not decompose. </li></ul>