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    • The Stahl Essentials are designed for those who like an easy experience of cooking without having to care too much about the maintenance of the cookware. This range is sturdy and robust, and its designs are the same recognizable ones that have been around from the time of our anscestors. Whether it is making tea, or some serious cooking, you Essentials will become your most trustworthy and versatile tool. A bit feature of the range is its ability to be a cook and serve utensil.
    • The "Essentials Cresent Series" is made up of prime quality Stainless Steel, has Bakelite handles that do not heat up when heating and glass lids for those wanting to look at what is happening in the pan.
    • Our pans have the following features:
    • OMNI-HEAT: Quick and uniform heat distribution with no hotspots for quick and healthy cooking.
    • TRIPLEX: Aluminium for energy efficiency fused with stainless steel for safe food contact and durability.
    • EASY POUR technology to keep things clean by having spill proof edges for clean and effortless all round pouring.
    • Proudly Made in India!

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