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    • Fujihoro cook and serve casserole is porcelain enamelled on steel with two tone gradient hues which are colourful and colour-fast. The product comes with great insulating properties which is ideal for warming butter, heating up chocolate and making sauces on low simmering heat/flame. This product is extremely hygienic because the surface has a non-porous hardened vitreous coating which does not absorb any residue from previously cooked food, naturally keeps food from sticking and is absolutely stain resistant, odourless, bacteria free, easy to clean and retains the natural taste and flavours of food being cooked. The enamel surface does not react with acidic foods like lemons or tomatoes. The product is lightweight, durable, good for all heat sources including induction and perfect for the modern kitchen.
    • Single casserole with lid
    • Porcelain enamelled on steel
    • Colour-fast
    • Non-porous with vitreous coating absorbs food without leaving stains or bacteria
    • Lightweight and durable

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