Rena Germany-Nylon Noodle Tongs

<ul><li>Noodle Tongs makes serving Spaghetti and Noddles easy. </li><li>The mouth of the tongs is made from Nylon material that can withstand heat upto 210 degrees celcius, </li><li>hence while picking up noodles or spaghetti from the hot pan is also not a problem. </li><li>The grip on the stainless steel is made from soft touch plastic for easy and non slip grip. </li><li>The tongs has a unique locking feature which is very simply and smooth in operating. </li><li>This lock enables to store the tongs in drawers occupying less space. </li><li>Nylon Noodle / Spaghetti Tongs Approx.Length 265 mm</li></ul>