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    Large Storage Capacity With Impressive Air Throw

    The compact Symphony Diet 22i tower cooler is a smart cooling device for your home. Perfect for a hot day, this device is efficient and has the ability to cool a room within minutes. It has a water storage capacity of 22 litres, which means you don't have to keep refilling it after small amounts of time. For extra cooling, the Symphony Diet 22i also features an ice chamber. Feel the cool breeze up to an impressive distance of 30 ft and manage the speed level with the cooling level option.

    Advanced Technology and Remote Controlled

    The Symphony air cooler Diet 22i uses advanced dura-pump technology with a highly efficient honeycomb cooling pad to absorb heat from the room. It also indicates when the water level is low and needs to be refilled. To uniformly spread cool air around the room, this device has an auto louver movement with an auto swing option. You can manage the Symphony air cooler with a remote control, to adjust fan speed or to switch the device on/off. For unscheduled power cuts, you can run this appliance on an inverter as well.

    Brand: Symphony Wire

    Colour: White

    Water Capacity: 22 litres

    Cooling Coverage Area: 150 sq. ft

    Dimensions: 30 x 94.3 x 33cm

    Weight: 8 kg

    Fan diameter: 18 cm

    Technology used: Dura-pump with Honey-comb cooling pad

    Power: 170W

    Other features: Auto louver movement, mosquito net, multi-directional wheels, remote control, system restore function

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