Luminarc Octime Diamond Gobelet FH 32Cl

<ul><li>Strong (not easily broken) </li><li>Beautiful design and luxury </li><li>Can be used daily </li><li>Luminarc is brand glassware from Arc International, which is a company of the French state. For more than 180 years, Luminarc products are trusted by the whole world. </li><li>The products Octime Diamond is reminiscent of the shape of precious stones Diamond that has a dent and luxurious design. </li><li>However this product in an ergonomic design that is not easily separated. </li><li>Specification </li><li>SKU LU168HLAFQKWANID-278 318 </li><li>Color Clear </li><li>Model tumbler </li><li>Size (L x W x H cm) 6 x 6 x 15 </li><li>Weight (kg) 2</li></ul>