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Tongue Cleaner

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Trisa Double Action Tongue Cleaner

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Trisa is the leading manufacturer of toothbrushes for international brands. Every day more than one million toothbrushes, produced according to stringent quality requirements, leave their modern factory in Switzerland. They provide pioneer performance in oral care, hair care and body care. Trisa products impart health, joy and well-being to their fellow human beings.

  • Double action cleaning
  • Solid scraper for removing stubborn plaque from the tongue
  • Soft rubber lip for gentle cleaning of the tongue
  • Scientifically developed tongue cleaner made in Switzerland
  • Type: Tongue cleaner
  • Gives you a fresh breath
  • Brand: Trisa
  • Clinically tested and made in Switzerland
  • Recommended by Swiss dentists
  • Effectively removes food debris and dead cells from the tongue
  • Colour: Blue
  • Removes stubborn plaque and bacteria from the tongue 
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